Who is Relationship Test for?

  1. Relationship Test is for anyone who:

    • Wants to better understand their personal preferences in a partner and relationship.
    • Strives to understand if the current partner is the right one and what kind of partner is the best fit.
    • Wants to be happier with their partner and hence happier in life overall.
    • Aims to improve their intimate relationship and love life and wants to benefit from tailor-made recommendations on what areas to focus on.
    • Asks her- or himself:
      • What do I value and need in a relationship?
      • What kind of person is a good match for me?
      • Is my boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, fiancée, husband, wife a good match for me?
      • How compatible am I with my partner?
      • Do I really love her or him?
      • What red flags should I be aware of in my relationship?
      • What can I improve and how do I improve it?
  2. You might also refer to Relationship Test as:

    • Girlfriend Test
    • Boyfriend Test
    • Fiancé Test
    • Fiancée Test
    • Husband Test
    • Wife Test
    • Marriage Test
    • Partner Test
    • Compatibility Test
    • Romance Test
    • Love Test

It has been designed by our research team in a way that it provides valuable insights and actionable recommendations to anyone who is in an intimate relationship and wonders how compatible they are with their partner.