Relationship Tests

1. What is a relationship test?

A relationship test a) evaluates what is important for you in a romantic relationship and what aspects you value in a partner, b) it analyses your compatibility with a specific person, and c) it provides you actionable recommendations and advice on your relationship.

2. How is a relationship assessed?

A relationship test consists of a number of questions designed to measure various areas of a romantic relationship, such as personality match, love, attraction, and other factors such as finances, religion and culture. Once you have answered the Relationship Test questions and receive the report with the results, you can compare them to your friends and the average relationship satisfaction.

The average relationship satisfaction and partner match score is 60%. Your score will show where you stand compared to other peers who have taken the test. How far you fall either side of the average relationship satisfaction score (also referred to as partner match score) determines approximately how uncommon your relationship is.

Relationship satisfaction scores follow a normal distribution of statistical data. Approximately 90% of the global population has scores within two standard deviations (SD) of the mean (average relationship satisfaction score). If one SD is 10 points, as is common across many modern tests, then 90% of the population falls within a range of 40% to 80%, and 95% are below 81%. Alternatively, two-thirds of the population have relationship satisfaction scores within one SD of the mean, i.e. within the range 50% to 70%.

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