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Helping individuals on their journey of getting to know what they want, which partner is the right one for them and to further develop our users’ relationships and love lifes - that is just what we do. We are confident that Relationship Test™ is the best resource and test out there and that it will help you, too.

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by Sofia D. - Reviewed in the United States

Amazing and totally worth it!

I kind of knew that I was in a relationship with the right person but I could still see room to bring the relationship with my bf to the next level. The test really helped me realize areas for improvement and the recommendations were very helpful.

by William L. - Reviewed in the United Kingdom

I was a bit skeptical of the price...

I was a bit skeptical of the price first, but after seeing the breakdown of the results and how helpful they are, it was well worth the money! I love that I can study what areas I need to work on with my partner and it motivates me to improve our relationship. It’s well worth the price for the test.

by Nadia L. - Reviewed in Australia

The result confirmed my feelings and intuition. Very helpful!

The test made me realize that I was dating the wrong guy and helped me with the decision to break up. I am much happier now, the detailed analysis helped me understand what kind of person I want to be with and I started dating again.

by Adria M. - Reviewed in Spain


very quick and complete, very useful for me.

by Ben K. - Reviewed in the United States

For less than $30 you get a very detailed analysis

A+! I purchased the results because i wanted to see what i can do better in my relationship. The test was easy to take and i really useful how the results are presented. Much better than a book as the results show me exactly what i can do better.

by Basetsana S. - Reviewed in South Africa

At first I was hesitant because of the price, but the results are great and very useful. Kudos!

At first I was hesitant as it costs money. However, the test has changed how I look at my ex. It made me realize that we really weren’t a good fit and I learned which red flags to look out for next time. In that sense it has changed my life :)

by Anita F. - Reviewed in Germany

More detailed than I expected...worth taking it

I was surprised and pleased to see how detailed and informative the test results are. Well worth trying it out if you are interested to improve your relationship and see if you are going out with the right person.

by Matt W. - Reviewed in the United Kingdom

Excellent test and results!

The test results helped me understand the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship I am in and it was a great reflection on what we can do better. I talked with my partner about our gaps and we started working on them together. I think the recommendations will help us to overcome our arguments and differences.

by Mandy B. - Reviewed in the United States

The most professional online relationship test I have ever taken!

The most professional online relationship test I have ever taken! Especially the report and tailored recommendations were excellent. Provides a detailed breakdown of your relationship on all different areas, it even helps you understand how you compare with others!

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